My Very Own Ad Campaign

erika miller

Have you ever wondered how search works?

Well, Google has you covered. They have an informative page that explains it, called Inside Search. If you like algorithms and other math-y-science-y stuff, you will probably want to turn off How It’s Made and surf this instead.

But if you’ve ever wanted to advertise your blog better, you probably want to check out Google AdWords.

Google AdWords will help you set up your whole advertising campaign. You can phone them and they’ll walk you through it. Or, you can play around it with yourself.

I tested out AdWords just to see what my ads would look like.


All I did was type in what I thought were good headlines and keywords and it created an example of what my ad would look like.


I stuck with keywords that make sense in regards to my blog.


I also milked my AdWords…

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